Matthew Cooke

I Felt Broken

You’re not broken. You’re fixed. You always have been. You came this way. You may desire to HEAL some “human pattern stuff” you picked up as a kiddo and are living out right now…however, you are fully creative, capable and complete. Most of us try to change ourselves to match our friends, family and social’s […]

The Choice Of Less, For More

It’s a choice to have less. To do less. So you can experience more. It’s not always easy. But neither is eating healthy. If I have tons of sugar and alcohol, I’ll gain weight. We can’t see the mental and energetic weight we gain from all the extra stuff…so we don’t realize it’s there. But […]

You’re Gonna Want This On Your Journey

                    By Simplifying and Decluttering our lives we can be in Integrity with ourselves and others. . We don’t miss appointments. . We don’t forget to take out the trash. Everything just smoothes out in our lives. Because there’s literally less for the brain to “attend” […]

Design A Life Wothout FOMO

As we simplify and declutter our lives, we become less attached to all the things in our lives and have to face the dreaded *spending time with ourselves*, and in finding enjoyment exactly where we are. . When we make this bold choice of decluttering all of the distractions of our lives, (including excessive social […]


When you go into a deep squat, you need to make sure your knees are properly aligned, you drop your hips back and down, and keep your chest up, etc in order to have a SAFE, successful, and enjoyable squat. . The Genesis of How Something is Started, is How it MUST be Sustained. . […]


One of my mentors Shannon Graham always used to say, “Be a Sniper, not a Machine Gun”. . If we want to help anyone we only have so much energy to offer at once. . When we just machine gun our stuff everywhere without a foundational strategy in place, we just try to hit whatever we possibly […]


This week is about the benefits of LESS. So you can experience MORE. . It’s time for me to officially come out. I’m a closeted Minimalist. . I prefer less stuff. What I own is intentional and high quality. I’m not a nazi about it, but it feels good to know all the stuff I […]


As we build Trust within ourselves, we experience IN-Bodiment. . We feel inspired towards taking NEW action in life! . It frees up ENERGY in our lives to lay down NEW STRUCTURE in how our life looks. . This is how (internal) Trust plays out in our (external) life. . We create Inspired Boundaries + […]

Connection + Clarity (overtime) = Trust

As you build Connection, coupled with Clarity over time… you get Trust. . Connection (with Repetition) overtime brings, Clarity (with Repetition) brings, Trust (of that Connection + Clarity). . When you connect to your body as you would a good friend, again and again…like a daily phone call with a friend, you begin to experience […]


When we spend time with that piece of you, acknowledging, honoring the role it’s played in your life, we see it was there for a reason. . There was a hidden, sneaky benefit that you received in doing, being or having that circumstance. . 🔑: To keep you safe and comfortable. . So instead of […]