Matthew Cooke

Why You Feel Fomo

Shiny object syndrome, adhd, FOMO, paralyzed with indecision. They all stem from the same thing. Choice. Too much choice. And the issue is there is no right or wrong answer with our choices. But there must be trade-offs of what we can have at any one moment. We’ve believed that we can “have it ALL”, […]

Higher Standards

Where have you been letting others walk all over your standards? Where have you been walking all over your OWN standards? It’s SO easy to resent our partners, (business or intimate) for not living up to our standards, when the issue lies in US not having the deep KNOWING in our VEINS that OUR truth […]

I’m Never Satisfied With My Success

That was me for a long time. And it still is for people that come to me. Never feeling filled up or satisfied with their achievements. They feel empty. Everything that’s accomplished gets sucked into a black hole. Most times it’s because they’re hoping someone else will approve of their efforts. Someone will acknowledge them. […]

Why My Relationship Is The Best!

My relationship with Amanda Ranae is one of the things I’m most proud of. It’s why so many people follow us and our story. And the funniest thing is, it’s the thing we “work” on the least. WAH?!! I don’t “work” on our relationship. I ENGAGE with our relationship. I “work” on my business, my […]

You’re Mentally Fat

We’ve become fat. Not physically, but mentally. We don’t shower our minds. We don’t get in there to scrub them clean. What happens when we do that? When we scrub them clean leaving no residue? Certainty. Slow, Deliberate, Certainty. Certainty comes in the exhales of life. The emptiness. The lack of stuff. The end of […]

Are You Truly Invested In Your Work?

I just invested in a co-working space! A dedicated place that I drive to each day where I can say, “This is my place of work… This is where I practice my craft.” I’m wondering, is your work valuable enough to have a time and place? Or is it just wherever you want, whenever you […]

“Know” A Lot, But Not Finding Success?

Knowledge = 🧠 Wisdom = 🧠 + 💪 + 💫 I used to have tons of joint pain in my ankles, hips and shoulders… The joints are all about transitions…they are transition points in the body… If you always roll your ankle or have a bad wrist, it’s effecting your ability to handle change. 🔑 […]

Why Pretending Works

When I’m just too in the weeds, The best thing I can do is pretend. Steve Chandler says “If you can’t be courageous in a moment, don’t be you, be Bruce Lee.” The point here is not to pretend that everything is rainbows and butterflies, over a period of time, when it’s not. The point […]

You Don’t Need Help

If you want it, get it. I currently have a personal trainer, an astrologer, energy healer, a plant-based meal delivery service, chiropractor, coach, therapist, on-call naturopath, brand mentor and a high level mastermind that I’m a part of. I don’t have the support I do because I think I NEED it… I have the support […]

I’m Done Being Alone

I’ve always been a loner. A hermit. And at the face of potential adversity in my business or personal relationships will hunker down…in my bunker. Deep inside myself, I’ll burrow down, closing off emotionally from the world, hoping to just remain stoic until the chaos crescendos and comes to stillness outside and around me… Once […]