From An “Asshole on Adderall” To A Conscious Heart-Led Entrepreneur

How I realigned my mind, body and spirit to become a high performance entrepreneur

Growing up, I lived with almost constant shame and fear. Whether it was fear of my elementary teacher who saw no harm in smacking me across the face on the first day of school, or shame because of the mean things my bipolar sister would force me to do.

Addictions became my crutch. I turned to sugar, then porn and then eventually adderall. All in a desperate attempt to numb the feelings and disconnect from my overweight and unhappy body. This continued all the way into college until my girlfriend at the time broke up with me for being “an asshole on adderall”. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What led me to a complete breakdown actually became my breakthrough.

I knew I was miserably unhappy and that something desperately had to change. So, I made personal development my mission.

I became 500 hour certified in yoga, and began to work for one of the biggest personal development companies in the world. We were building the content library for the “Netflix for optimal living”. I created and curated content with 250+ of the world thought leaders in everything from neuroscience, to conscious business, to productivity, to mindfulness and spirituality, to health and fitness. I felt blessed.

So at 23, I threw myself into the company and began working 60+ hour weeks and I generated over 500+ hours of content. But when the rush wore off, I realized that even though I was surrounded by personal development, something still felt deeply “off” inside.

I was still addicted to porn, Snickers bars and people pleasing, spending dark nights in my car in the CVS parking lot eating as much sugar as possible as I cried about my lack of friendships! Nothing had really changed internally. Cue deep disappointment.

But one day, the company went under…I was forced to actually face my pain. it finally hit me. The reason nothing was changing was because I was still disconnected from my truest self. The little boy inside of me didn’t feel safe to reveal himself because he was still internalizing so much shame and fear. This realization was so hard for me to face but it was the discovery that changed my life forever.

Cue breakthrough and transformation. I then started my own coaching business with all of the wisdom and teachings I’d learned from thousands hours of hours I spent learning neuroscience, productivity and human movement to create a formula to create connection, and for my best ideas to spill forth. My clients call it “creative breakthroughs on demand.” I call it Body-Based Breakthrough. It was the formula that released my bad habits, kept me connected to myself, and helped me maintain a totally balanced, level of fulfillment without the roller coaster of emotions that entrepreneurship creates.


This breakthrough led me to become an expert on the Neuroscience of Unconscious Productivity & Fulfillment. And I went on to found The Supreme Performance Academy which has helped high achieving, people-pleasing individuals create sustainable internal and external systems for unstoppable success in life. 

 I now specialize in helping entrepreneurs live a rich, balanced life, so that they can make the create and contribute more, without burning themselves out. My work has been featured in HuffPost, Thrive Global, Mind Body Green and The Elephant Journal. When I’m not serving my clients, you can find me on an adventure with my beautiful wife Amanda, or chilling at home in California with our chill dog, Sophie.

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