I’m Avoiding What I Should Be Doing

My client “Max”, just bought a bad ass top of line 2019 Jeep 🚙

And has been looking at every way to modify the thing since he got it, enjoying sinking thousands into making it EXACTLY what he wants, so he can go camping ⛺️ with his kids and get away from it all.

Meanwhile, he runs a 7 figure real estate business, and his team counts on him to deliver each day.

He told me, “I’m burying my head in the sand, looking at all of the cool things I can do to my Jeep, and avoiding doing what I have to do for my business.”

…And while chronically, that’s a problem, he’s been doing it for about two weeks.

So we explored it. He knows he doesn’t want to actively run his real estate business any longer. But he knows he wants to be a leader.

So I asked him:

“What if it was all good where you are today?

Like, I don’t need to fix you.

You don’t need to be fixed.

What if that distraction was a tool your system was using to get you BACK online?”

Like the world feels like too much some times. Too intense.

So instead you go inside, you disassociate, you distract.

But what if: instead of that being wrong it was a GREAT WAY to recharge your system so it can come back even more resilient.

And without fighting it, you allow yourself to see a new perspective on your situation.

We realized he’s building a “brand” with his Jeep. “We’re fun, and rugged, and want freedom above all else!”

He talked a ton about bringing people with him to the mountains to get away. He wants to mentor and lead people…we’re still exploring exact details, but what we realized was:

🔑 In the distraction, was the solution.

His system was looking for resourcefulness, and enjoyment in a tough time in his real estate business. He found it in building his awesome “brand”, his Jeep.

Now to you.

You’re literally perfect the way you are. And right now, as 2019 draws to a close, and holidays happen and family comes, etc,

It can feel like A LOT to run your business.

So I just want to encourage you that you are doing great. And this is all part of the process.

Allow yourself to be where you are, with a caveat:

🔑 Get curious about what feels enjoyable about what you’re doing. In that lies the key to your next steps.

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