Category: Mindset

I’m Trying to Hold It All Up

…hoping it doesn’t all CRASH in on me. If I feel like I’m trying to hold something up in my life, and it’s requiring lots of EFFORT and pushing to hold up, then if I’m really honest: Is it mine? Is it mine to hold up still? Holding up a dam ready to burst forth, […]

I’m Sick of Being Tired

I’m addicted. We all are. To how it is. My client “Sarah” is addicted to crashing on the couch at the end of a long day. She “wants” tons of energy. Invincible energy 💫 But she works till there’s nothing in the tank. …Knowing that when she sleeps at night it will renew for the […]

How Long Do You Plan on Having Your Business?

Stacy scheduled an interview at 9am with a podcast, skipping her morning practices and time with her partner that she normally does every day…for two weeks. She had been passing up this time with her man, and time with herself. And it was starting to show. She wasn’t sleeping as well, and she wasn’t truly […]

I Know I’m Capable of More

“Why can’t I access it? A surplus of money, clients, stages, relationships, opportunities, etc. It’s NOT for lack of trying. I’ve read every book 📚 I can think of and attended tons of events + seminars. The harder I PUSH the more tired I get, and the weaker my results seem to be. There’s gotta […]

Superhero High Performance is DEAD

“Tom” just had to cancel an existing appointment with someone who was going to interview him tomorrow morning at 9am. He was sure he was out of integrity. He had to “break” an agreement. What I shared with him, there are 3 things we can do with agreements we make with others and ourselves.   […]

I Am Too Slow

“You’re so slow! GO FASTER…” A friend shouted at me (my own internal dialogue much of my life), as I fumbled putting my bag 💼 on the check-in weigher at the airport…A line of time pressured people stared at me, with eyes 👀 saying “MOVE!” This story has played out like this so many times in my life…except with […]

Make Your High Performance Lifestyle Stick

True High Performance is about subtraction. Not adding more stuff. Integration of the mental-10-step-roadmap-blueprint-how-to-principles that high achieving entrepreneurs eat for breakfast. Many of us are moving fast. Too fast to incorporate this incredible information INTO our lives. It just becomes another awesome idea we know, that doesn’t show up IN our lives. An Embodied Entrepreneur […]

You Deserve Better

The world is running faster than ever. With the rise of the optimized self movement in entrepreneurship, there is an inflated sense of needing to be better, faster and stronger. To take neurotropics, and to heroically not sleep. To automate everything, including our connection with loved ones. To run manically from meeting to meeting. and […]

The Silver Bullet In 2019

Apes 🦍 can be seen constantly performing “experiments” on themselves and one another to better understand themselves and their environment. Curiosity. We’ve always been fascinated in ourselves as a species… Spending probably trillions every year to learn about ourselves. Astrology readings, psychology degrees, dozens of hot new personality quizzes To learn about our unique quality… […]

Why You Feel Fomo

Shiny object syndrome, adhd, FOMO, paralyzed with indecision. They all stem from the same thing. Choice. Too much choice. And the issue is there is no right or wrong answer with our choices. But there must be trade-offs of what we can have at any one moment. We’ve believed that we can “have it ALL”, […]