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I’m Sick of Being Tired

I’m addicted. We all are. To how it is. My client “Sarah” is addicted to crashing on the couch at the end of a long day. She “wants” tons of energy. Invincible energy 💫 But she works till there’s nothing in the tank. …Knowing that when she sleeps at night it will renew for the […]

How Long Do You Plan on Having Your Business?

Stacy scheduled an interview at 9am with a podcast, skipping her morning practices and time with her partner that she normally does every day…for two weeks. She had been passing up this time with her man, and time with herself. And it was starting to show. She wasn’t sleeping as well, and she wasn’t truly […]

I Am Too Slow

“You’re so slow! GO FASTER…” A friend shouted at me (my own internal dialogue much of my life), as I fumbled putting my bag 💼 on the check-in weigher at the airport…A line of time pressured people stared at me, with eyes 👀 saying “MOVE!” This story has played out like this so many times in my life…except with […]

I’ve Lost Clarity of My Vision

Many of us have lost sight of doing something important, and instead have just focused on the trappings of doing something important. (i.e. money, success, etc) Like going to school JUST for the degree, rather than the education which leads to —-> the degree. Instagram and Facebook are mostly photo-based, and because we can’t “show” […]

I Don’t Ever Take A Stand For What’s Right

I remember hearing “Pick your battles”, growing up…and didn’t necessarily see anyone pick a battle. With others, or with themselves. STANDING UP. STEPPING IN. For what’s right. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen more and more people deflect responsibility, myself included…and stand in indifference to their choices and the world around them…. They get lost […]

I Am Getting Behind

The Embodied Entrepreneur takes the right steps, in the right sequence, slowly and deliberately. Addicted to the process, rather than the high-highs and the low-lows. They simply keep moving forward towards a more compelling future, taking into account their whole human throughout the day.

My Work Is Birthed From Pain

Here is Amanda and I about to walk on stage for the first time in over two years… We just made a huge shift in the way we work and the way we love. It’s changed the trajectory of how we do our work together and separately with our clients…and we gave our best keynote […]

I Guilt Myself Into Productivity

“The day was wasted…” I said at the end of the day…most days of my 20’s I’ve also said that “Resting is laziness.” My shaming/guilting mind COLLIDE with my actions that don’t ever seem to live up to my ambiguous, unrealistic standards… Leaving me feeling stuck and angry. Why can’t I just DO the work…? […]

I’m Gonna Have A Great Year Ahead!

You’re gonna have a great year ahead. You know how I know that? Because you’re gonna be more embodied this year. Because you’re gonna take care of your cycles and rhythms, and know yourself better. You’re gonna take in information and integrate it. You’re gonna listen to your body’s wisdom. You’re gonna take your work […]


Go back and read stuff before cell phones. His work takes me to another world. It’s like fiction, but better. I’m swept into a time and place before the hustle. Before the grind. When people sat around, and listened to each other’s stories and engaged with philosophy. Where idol time and boredom was the norm, […]