Becoming more still. I’m sure my move to Boulder came as a great surprise to many people. It feels vulnerable to want what you want and to go after it. To truly find your happy. I’m noticing that I lived in California because it’s paradise for so many…but I come from Wisconsin. Where we expect snow 8 months out of the year, and you go on runs when it’s -10 degrees outside. I LIVE for the cold.

And I’m so happy to own that now. Boulder, Colorado is MY Paradise. I live for nature. For big tall mountains and trees to remind me of how small I am. It reminds me of my humanity in a way. How this life is so short. And I only get so much time to love people. To share meals. To laugh. To find the warmth in a situation. To cry in others arms and hold others while they do the same. It inspires me to touch so many lives. Which makes me feel so BIG.

I see the environment teeming with life. And am reminded that I am here to just BE really. To soak in my own very still nature inside.

Any anxiety I felt before moving here has been washed away. I feel so much more calm about where I’m headed in the midst of having very little clarity on that direction.

I do however feel the grounded-ness. The laser attention and focus on my client calls. I don’t have to try to be anything for them. Just simply my presence is enough, as one of my dearest clients is finding in her own life.

That your presence is enough. It’s plenty. It’s so abundant if you let it be. Just like these mountains

Their presence is plenty and then some. They ground you. And with that, anything feels possible.

Im realizing I want to help creatives that are burnt out on trying to build the MASSIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE  THING! …and just want a business that affords them a life of peace. Of balance. Of calm certainty in their direction. With loved ones and community all around them.

I have a new system of coaching I’ve been learning called Organic Intelligence. It takes you back to your essence. To simple enjoyment and pleasure, rather than fight or flight.

If you’re interested in hearing more shoot me a PM. We deserve to experience more, and “anxiety” less.

You’re built to have a strong, unshakable foundation to build off of. And I want to help you reestablish that. Shoot me a PM.

And if you don’t want any of that. It’s cool too. I trust you’re thawing out as well.


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