I’ve Been Quietly Healing

This week I’ve been quiet. Quietly practicing, learning, remembering and experiencing deep replenishment.

For my soul, my nervous system and my business.

I’m embarking on a 3 year journey to become an Organic Intelligence Therapist.

To help my clients search for greater pleasure, enjoyment and joy in the
moment so it becomes their default.

This weekend brought me so much of a deepening in my soul, and my daily experience. I found out forest 🌳 green is the SOO calming to my system.

My organs and muscles feel deeply rested.


I found the connection between experiencing my environment around me AND my internal experience.

Performance is so much about the nervous system. Searching for pleasure instead of problems. My mentor Steve Hoskinson calls it the “What’s wrong attention.”

We don’t need to have problems if we stop searching for them.

The 🔑 to Performance is not about being perfect with your morning practices, rituals, or cadence throughout the day, it’s about how quickly you can get BACK on the horse 🐎

This just gets to be easy now. Exhaustion and Anxiety are not needed. In fact, we’ve had it all backwards.

Many of us have been practicing anxiety —> manic action —> exhaustion

Whatever you’re doing on a daily basis, you’re “practicing”…you’re getting better at.

It’s time to get better at practicing mindful compassion for yourself and the world around you.

You’re meant to experience Letting Go. Agency. Joy. Everyday. Like seriously.

Stillness in movement is your birthright.

So much more is coming for us. And it starts with this journey towards slowing down and replenishing.

Replenish is in San Diego Dec. 6-8th.

There are 7 spots left. It’s the cheapest retreat I will ever run. (Early bird ends Nov. 1)

It’s YOUR turn to finally rest and replenish.

If you’ve been feeling a pull, shoot me a PM.


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