Matthew Cooke

I’m Trying to Hold It All Up

…hoping it doesn’t all CRASH in on me. If I feel like I’m trying to hold something up in my life, and it’s requiring lots of EFFORT and pushing to hold up, then if I’m really honest: Is it mine? Is it mine to hold up still? Holding up a dam ready to burst forth, […]

I’m Sick of Being Tired

I’m addicted. We all are. To how it is. My client “Sarah” is addicted to crashing on the couch at the end of a long day. She “wants” tons of energy. Invincible energy 💫 But she works till there’s nothing in the tank. …Knowing that when she sleeps at night it will renew for the […]

Pure Pride

That’s what’s on my face. I just finished with my client for our VIP day. “You need to package this with Amanda Ranae and fly all over the world 🌎 to do weekends with people. You can call it ‘Quantum Accelerator’, because we got SOOO much done in our time together. How long have we […]

How Long Do You Plan on Having Your Business?

Stacy scheduled an interview at 9am with a podcast, skipping her morning practices and time with her partner that she normally does every day…for two weeks. She had been passing up this time with her man, and time with herself. And it was starting to show. She wasn’t sleeping as well, and she wasn’t truly […]

I Know I’m Capable of More

“Why can’t I access it? A surplus of money, clients, stages, relationships, opportunities, etc. It’s NOT for lack of trying. I’ve read every book 📚 I can think of and attended tons of events + seminars. The harder I PUSH the more tired I get, and the weaker my results seem to be. There’s gotta […]

Superhero High Performance is DEAD

“Tom” just had to cancel an existing appointment with someone who was going to interview him tomorrow morning at 9am. He was sure he was out of integrity. He had to “break” an agreement. What I shared with him, there are 3 things we can do with agreements we make with others and ourselves.   […]

I Am Too Slow

“You’re so slow! GO FASTER…” A friend shouted at me (my own internal dialogue much of my life), as I fumbled putting my bag 💼 on the check-in weigher at the airport…A line of time pressured people stared at me, with eyes 👀 saying “MOVE!” This story has played out like this so many times in my life…except with […]

I’ve Lost Clarity of My Vision

Many of us have lost sight of doing something important, and instead have just focused on the trappings of doing something important. (i.e. money, success, etc) Like going to school JUST for the degree, rather than the education which leads to —-> the degree. Instagram and Facebook are mostly photo-based, and because we can’t “show” […]

Transmission Marketing

Transmission Marketing (n): Your message is transmitted to your potential clients through your way of being, when they read your words, see you on stage, or watch a video, rather than fancy funnels or clever words that aren’t deeply embodied. In sales: I’ve noticed with my clients and myself that it is the difference between […]

I Don’t Ever Take A Stand For What’s Right

I remember hearing “Pick your battles”, growing up…and didn’t necessarily see anyone pick a battle. With others, or with themselves. STANDING UP. STEPPING IN. For what’s right. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen more and more people deflect responsibility, myself included…and stand in indifference to their choices and the world around them…. They get lost […]