Matthew Cooke

I’m Avoiding What I Should Be Doing

My client “Max”, just bought a bad ass top of line 2019 Jeep 🚙 And has been looking at every way to modify the thing since he got it, enjoying sinking thousands into making it EXACTLY what he wants, so he can go camping ⛺️ with his kids and get away from it all. Meanwhile, he runs a […]

I Want An Experience, Not More Information

As information is becoming cheaper and cheaper, we’re missing immersive experiences. That bring us back to who we are. That gets us in touch with what it means to be a human, in connection with other humans. We’ve lost the ability to be in community with others because our brains are busy gobbling up information. […]

Those Who Believe In Mistakes Are Bound To Make Them

If we believe in happy accidents, we get to make those, which lead to better outcomes. We spend so much time getting activated by things that truly don’t make a difference or could even make what we’re doing BETTER, if we choose to roll with the happy accident as part of the solution. We practice […]

A Rebirthing Is Occuring

If you’re in my sphere, I’m sure you’re experiencing something similar. I was told by an astrologer that I’m leaving a 7 year cycle of bondage, and that I’m finding my happy now. It sounds extreme, but there have been so many ways that I’ve held MYSELF down in the past 7 years. In fact, Amanda has […]

I’ve Been Quietly Healing

This week I’ve been quiet. Quietly practicing, learning, remembering and experiencing deep replenishment. For my soul, my nervous system and my business. I’m embarking on a 3 year journey to become an Organic Intelligence Therapist. To help my clients search for greater pleasure, enjoyment and joy in the moment so it becomes their default. This […]

A New Era is Dawning

It starts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today I embark on a 3 year journey. We’ll be diving into human biology and the nervous system through a process called Organic Intelligence. It’s going to stretch me in so many ways I’m not even aware of yet, but I’m so ready to learn, and bring it to you. […]

“Business” Coaching Is Dead 💀

Here’s what’s next: We are individuating. 👑 We are moving towards a world where no cookie cutter model will work in business. The new standard is performing the best within YOUR blueprint. You don’t need automation and scaling. The pendulum swung too far that way, and now it’s balancing out. Real relationships. 👫 Real support. 🤗 Real connection 🙏🏼 You’re creative, […]

The 🔑 Consistency in your Business

“Consistent Actions yield Consistent Results.” ~Sheevaun Moran When we spread out energy out over a ton of things we get TOO charged with energy without a place for it to go. We get overwhelmed. Let me explain. A river without banks, would spill in every direction, and have no flow. It would dry up quickly. […]

Don’t Know How to Slow Down?

You’re meant to feel space throughout your day. It’s actually the only way to maintain your health while building your wealth. Otherwise you’ll be an anxious mess anytime you’re not optimizing every second for growth and business expansion. It’s the only way to keep your energy and mind graceful and easy throughout a day. Where […]

When Ease Isn’t Working

Joseph Campbell said “Follow your Bliss”, but as he was passing, he said he wished he would have said “Follow Your Grunt”… Aligned effort. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. To effort is sometimes frowned upon in our community. We are told to either hustle and grind, or find total ease and grace […]