Matthew Cooke

Snap Decisions

We make Snap Decisions now more than ever… After this week in New York…I felt low on energy most days, and it wasn’t my 10 hour days of acupressure training… It was the advertisements for Coke, The Grinch, Wreck it Ralph and everything else a marketer wants to sell me. You’re going to see more […]

Get Minimalist About Your High Performance

Come back to yourself. Get minimalist about your high performance activities. Nail them. This is where your power really lies. The little THING. Not thingS. What’s that ONE thing, that if you simply nailed that one thing for the rest of your life, and STOPPED doing all the other “”tactics””, and reading about adding more […]

I Love Too Much

“He stands too close to the other kids”, said my kindergarten teacher. “Matthew gets in other kids faces, and it’s uncomfortable.” I wanted to explore every facet of intimacy and being close to others. I wanted to see the freckles on their faces, and have a front row seat for their big smiles when I […]