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I Want An Experience, Not More Information

As information is becoming cheaper and cheaper, we’re missing immersive experiences. That bring us back to who we are. That gets us in touch with what it means to be a human, in connection with other humans. We’ve lost the ability to be in community with others because our brains are busy gobbling up information. […]

Those Who Believe In Mistakes Are Bound To Make Them

If we believe in happy accidents, we get to make those, which lead to better outcomes. We spend so much time getting activated by things that truly don’t make a difference or could even make what we’re doing BETTER, if we choose to roll with the happy accident as part of the solution. We practice […]

A New Era is Dawning

It starts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today I embark on a 3 year journey. We’ll be diving into human biology and the nervous system through a process called Organic Intelligence. It’s going to stretch me in so many ways I’m not even aware of yet, but I’m so ready to learn, and bring it to you. […]

Clear Trumps Clever

Shibumi — beauty in the understated With a flair for flamboyance over the top-ness in our society, we are due for a pendulum swing. Everything in nature ebbs and flows, so we are due for more Shibumi in the west. For us to find more beauty in the understated. The less loud. The consideration that […]

The Secret To Natural Focus + Performance Without The Side Effects

Embodiment creates a NATURAL focus + high performance. When you’re aligned to the highest and best of YOU, it all becomes easier. When you’re able to slow down to distinguish your internal wisdom, all of this gets easier. You stop looking elsewhere for answers. You are more efficient. You take action faster. You course correct […]

Sustainable is the New S*xy

                It’s been 3 years since I’ve offered my in person body-based magic 💫 December 6-8th in San Diego, I’m inviting 15 people to come Unplug. To Come Re-Connect. To Come Replenish. We’ll Reflect and Review the Year. We’ll Declutter Your Life. We’ll Vision 2020. We’ll Take Aligned Action […]

This Is Your Birth Right

You don’t have to do it alone. There are so many others who have stood in the images sensations and thoughts before you. Healing layers of sensation and discomfort. We’re here to see you, to encourage, to even hold for a moment until you can stand on your own again. I am here. You got this. […]

The Choice Of Less, For More

It’s a choice to have less. To do less. So you can experience more. It’s not always easy. But neither is eating healthy. If I have tons of sugar and alcohol, I’ll gain weight. We can’t see the mental and energetic weight we gain from all the extra stuff…so we don’t realize it’s there. But […]


As we build Trust within ourselves, we experience IN-Bodiment. . We feel inspired towards taking NEW action in life! . It frees up ENERGY in our lives to lay down NEW STRUCTURE in how our life looks. . This is how (internal) Trust plays out in our (external) life. . We create Inspired Boundaries + […]


I’ve always looked for ways to help free up my time, and optimize my brain power, thinking I was stupid. Too disorganized, messy, or irresponsible. It wasn’t until I found Body-Based Breakthrough and my Aligned Entrepreneur Method that I found out there was this vast expanse of knowledge inside of me that I was wasting. […]