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Pure Pride

That’s what’s on my face. I just finished with my client for our VIP day. “You need to package this with Amanda Ranae and fly all over the world 🌎 to do weekends with people. You can call it ‘Quantum Accelerator’, because we got SOOO much done in our time together. How long have we […]

I Know I’m Capable of More

“Why can’t I access it? A surplus of money, clients, stages, relationships, opportunities, etc. It’s NOT for lack of trying. I’ve read every book 📚 I can think of and attended tons of events + seminars. The harder I PUSH the more tired I get, and the weaker my results seem to be. There’s gotta […]

Transmission Marketing

Transmission Marketing (n): Your message is transmitted to your potential clients through your way of being, when they read your words, see you on stage, or watch a video, rather than fancy funnels or clever words that aren’t deeply embodied. In sales: I’ve noticed with my clients and myself that it is the difference between […]

Why Athletes Get Paid Millions And You Can Too

I teach my clients a natural progression of warm up, sprint, rest, warm up, sprint, rest. And it changes everything in their lives. If it can work for the highest paid group of people on the planet (athletes), it can work for you. The Warm Up: Warm up your spine Warm up your hips Warm […]

“Know” A Lot, But Not Finding Success?

Knowledge = 🧠 Wisdom = 🧠 + 💪 + 💫 I used to have tons of joint pain in my ankles, hips and shoulders… The joints are all about transitions…they are transition points in the body… If you always roll your ankle or have a bad wrist, it’s effecting your ability to handle change. 🔑 […]