Matthew Cooke

When Ease Isn’t Working

Joseph Campbell said “Follow your Bliss”, but as he was passing, he said he wished he would have said “Follow Your Grunt”… Aligned effort. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. To effort is sometimes frowned upon in our community. We are told to either hustle and grind, or find total ease and grace […]

This is More Important Than

It’s fun when my clients earn 4x their money goals, but even more fun is seeing all the ways their personal lives improve. I’ve been working with “Eric” for a month, and his results are astounding. He’s: -Buying his dream Jeep 🚘 -Booked a Trip to Hawaii with his family -30 Days of Not Hitting Snooze! 🛏 […]


The story goes like this… 1. “You have to have your shit together, before you can truly be with someone or find love and Connection.” 2. “You have to be financially and emotionally set up…” 3. “You have to have a steady “thing” before you can have a someone to feel connected to.” …because THEN […]

The Reason You’re Allergic to Action-Taking

  I just finished giving another talk today to a small group of entrepreneurs at Union Co-Work in San Diego, and I realized something as I spoke to the group… When we align to the highest and best inside of us, and take action from that place, we can’t “lose”. Yes, it’s important to learn […]

The Truth About Entrepreneurship That Isn’t Being Told

If you wonder if you’re broken, or why you can’t perform at the level of others, or chronically feel “behind”, it’s imperative for you to spend time AT LEAST once at the end of each year “cutting the fat”, or taking an inventory of the things that have been slowing you down to steer BACK […]

How To Act Natural At What You Do

Shizen (自然) Naturalness. An absence of pretense or artificiality. We have a great opportunity as entrepreneurs to walk the talk and talk the walk. Lots of Entrepreneurs are not living the “lifestyle” they market. We get to offer our community the opportunity to see us as we really are. Without pretense. With Purpose and Intention. […]

Clear Trumps Clever

Shibumi — beauty in the understated With a flair for flamboyance over the top-ness in our society, we are due for a pendulum swing. Everything in nature ebbs and flows, so we are due for more Shibumi in the west. For us to find more beauty in the understated. The less loud. The consideration that […]

The Secret To Natural Focus + Performance Without The Side Effects

Embodiment creates a NATURAL focus + high performance. When you’re aligned to the highest and best of YOU, it all becomes easier. When you’re able to slow down to distinguish your internal wisdom, all of this gets easier. You stop looking elsewhere for answers. You are more efficient. You take action faster. You course correct […]

Sustainable is the New S*xy

                It’s been 3 years since I’ve offered my in person body-based magic 💫 December 6-8th in San Diego, I’m inviting 15 people to come Unplug. To Come Re-Connect. To Come Replenish. We’ll Reflect and Review the Year. We’ll Declutter Your Life. We’ll Vision 2020. We’ll Take Aligned Action […]

This Is Your Birth Right

You don’t have to do it alone. There are so many others who have stood in the images sensations and thoughts before you. Healing layers of sensation and discomfort. We’re here to see you, to encourage, to even hold for a moment until you can stand on your own again. I am here. You got this. […]