I Want An Experience, Not More Information

As information is becoming cheaper and cheaper, we’re missing immersive experiences. That bring us back to who we are. That gets us in touch with what it means to be a human, in connection with other humans.

We’ve lost the ability to be in community with others because our brains are busy gobbling up information. Too busy for just connecting to nature’s rhythms or a human standing next to me.

I’m here to take a stand for experience with another.

For power coming from within, and being given guidance from someone who really genuinely cares for you and your journey.

Replenish is coming in December ya’ll, and almost all the spots are filled!

This retreat will be so soulful and life-giving. If it’s been a heavy year, or a beautiful life giving one, and you need a reset for 2020, then Replenish is for you.

We have just a few more. Shoot me a PM if one of them is for you!


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