You’re meant to feel so connected. To beat your own path. To sail forward and always listen to that voice.

To never stop, to just keep moving and feeling, and connecting and leveraging your relationships, your expertise and your ability to support.

You’re here for wonder. To feel it and create it. You’ll go so far, if you just know who you are.

This space was made for you. Carved out of rock and lava, nestled in the earth just for your paws. Safe place for you to call your own.

Where we can admire you you, and see you, and know you and feel you, and you can do the same with us.

You’re meant for so much greatness. You’re not meant to see others and run away, but rather throw caution to the wind and keep on running stronger, slower, still-er inside of yourself, as you stand like a mountain.

You’re meant to rock us to the foundation, standing in resolute awe of your brilliance.

You’re strong. You’re so worth it.

Keep listening. Keep stilling the waters around you, and in you.

I’m here to bear witness, nudge you forward, teach you, guide you, and worship you.

You’re meant for this, quit doubting it. You’re pure. You’re right. Keep listening. It’s right.

Here’s to your greatness you Creative Warrior.


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