You move from one task to the next without fully acknowledging the task you just left.

You multitask. You people please. You over give.

You bounce from thought to thought.

Slow it down.

No, I mean, actually slow down.

Set boundaries, make agreements, and honor those boundaries for yourself.

This entrepreneurial journey is a long one.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with so much joy and pleasure along the way.

If your overachieving, AND over giving at the same time, there’s no room for YOU.

That’s not sustainable.

Starting next Monday, we begin The Supreme Performance Academy, where you’ll get better at that sustainable part.

You’ll have a life and business you love because you stop doing it for everyone else, and start doing it from your passion and inspiration.

I have 3 spots left.

Quit putting it off.

Now is your time to have the relationships and business and body you always wanted, but didn’t think you deserve.

Here’s your permission. You deserve it.

PM me.


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