Your body is nonlinear.

While your conscious mind works on 4D time, your body is unconscious: It lives outside of space and time.

Meaning the information stored in it is a record of our past memories and emotions and experiences.

Our body is also simultaneously a record of our future.

Meaning, we consciously realize things well after our body began to process them out.

For instance, when you get a cold, The bacteria or infection has already been present in your system for weeks months, or even years. The outward manifestation, is the bodies process of telling you to slow down, as it detoxes it from your body.

What if it were possible to know you had a cold before the outward manifestation, or much sooner, so you could use less invasive means to heal and be back to high performance health sooner?

Would that be valuable?

Would it be valuable to have answers faster?

Instead of browsing your Facebook feed, asking a friend, or reading on the Internet, what if you knew the fastest path to your answer? Your body. What if you had greater and greater access to that innate wisdom? To give you the edge?

Your Body Blueprint: a 4 week training course for you to feel empowered and embodying your knowledge for greater RESULTS begins November 19th! …PM me for details…”


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