You say that you’re doing well, but your body is telling me something else.

You’ve learned to cope.

You say, “It’s not THAT bad” long enough, and more and more sludge packs on to your nervous system and body, making it even more difficult to see/notice when your body is telling you things about your stress…

Your body feels achy, or maybe feel tired and fatigued.

Those are signs from your unconscious mind and body that it’s time to keep moving forward, but with a little less speed.

To pause and reflect. To notice. And renegotiate your circumstances so that your body has a chance to catch up.

Your want calm, peace and unbridled joy and energy to do the stuff you want…

It’s time to slow down, just enough to feel YOU again. Your signals and rhythms.

And to build authentic relationships and businesses that you freaking love.

It all starts with your body. It has all the answers.

Embodiment starts…in the body.

You’re meant to be an owner. Not an outsider to your life anymore.

The Creative Warrior Collective starts next week.

If you chronically feel tired, shoot me a PM.

Let’s do this.


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