I Am Divinity, having a Human Experience. Drawing Others into Greater Congruence. Into Greater Stillness within themselves.

Living a bigger life than anything you could ever see on Social Media. To define themselves by what’s inside rather than what they think others want to see outside. To find their magic within. Their rhythms. Their Answers. to stop looking in books first, but instead in their hearts.

To take time with themselves and to accept that they are enough exactly where they are, and not just because it’s a spiritual concept, but because they will actually be happier and more productive in life. In society. In their families. In their nations. Because they have been building from a faulty foundation of puffing themselves up to look like something that they are not on social media and the internet.

Instead to belong inside of themselves, going at their speed. Technology has been a tool of shame and guilt for long enough. It’s time to use technology for inspiration again. To help it inflate economies and industries, but not falsely to inflate humanity. Humanity is already great. There’s nothing to optimize or improve upon without first accepting it as it is. The more we push it away, the longer it will hurt. We need to find the strength inside of ourselves to get up and move from where WE ARE. Not from where technology is.

Technology will always outrun humanity. They are different things that move at different speeds. It’s meant to show us what’s possible for our environment and for entertainment, but technology is not for informing us about what humanity SHOULD be.

Humanity already is.

You already are.

You can’t improve upon it—You.

and THAT is why we hurt, and shame and guilt and disempower ourselves.

When we try to live up to the “speed” of technology. To try to be smarter, faster, better than we are, without first acknowledging that we are HERE. We are human. And the further away we get from that.

We die a slow death. Not a physical one. but a death of the human spirit. The Soul.

And that… is why my heart beats.


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