“Success [towards your goal] is the greatest motivational tool of all” ~ Jeff Haden

Not me posting some motivational quote.

Jeff Haden also says, “When you consistently do the right things, success is predictable”

I write things to hopefully inspire further movement INSIDE of you.

So that YOU’LL take action OUTSIDE of you.

We must “Break a sweat” physically or intellectually first thing in the morning to get the inspiration you need to get you through the day. It’s that rush of satisfaction. The natural high of completion.

Motivation is the RESULT of the pride you feel in your work.

Progress is what creates lasting motivation.

Are YOU breaking a sweat?

Some People are successful, some people are happy, you can be both.

If you want the support you know you’ve been needing for awhile to work less, or find more success in your business, then shoot me a PM.


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