Why You Feel Fomo

Shiny object syndrome, adhd, FOMO, paralyzed with indecision.

They all stem from the same thing.

Choice. Too much choice.

And the issue is there is no right or wrong answer with our choices. But there must be trade-offs of what we can have at any one moment.

We’ve believed that we can “have it ALL”, and we can have it all right now!

At least that’s what the internet presents us.

And it’s killing your ability to be focused and actually enjoy your choices.

So many of us feel anxiety and guilt about our choices because we intutivitely know we only can do one thing at a time physically but our minds wish we could physically multiple things….so what do we create?

The mind body disconnect.

So what do we want to do to fix that? Break the habit of thinking?

Nope. That’s not going anywhere. The thinking is here to stay.

It’s instead about focusing on the habit of embodiment and presence.

🔑 It’s not about fighting the mind, it’s about buddying up with the body.

Charles Duhig in his book, The Power of Habit says that we cannot break a habit, we can only create a new one.

Think 6th grade science: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred and transformed.

And…It’s been your modus operandi for a long time because you haven’t valued what was inside vs. what was outside (ie others opinions + answers).

YOUR answers weren’t valuable. You decided they weren’t important. Only driving to succeed by external standards was the point for so long. And you haven’t gotten the results, so it may be time to try something new.

It’s time for honoring your body….

2019 is a new year.

And why not make it YOUR year of Embodiment?

👕: Ben Azadi


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