…The competition is out there…

Creeping…waiting to POUNCE…And they’re coming for you….to take your clients, and your money.

…Is how it feels to almost all of my clients.

The irony is that it only feels that way

Because they’re paying attention to them.

Seeking out the competition is also the FIRST step towards burnout.

When we start looking around us to see what we’re doing right or wrong, we put the GPS of our business on others energy, others dreams, others teams, others capital…

And stop focusing on what we have to offer.

We get lost in the compulsion to prove ourselves.

And it sucks the life outta you.

It leads you down the slippery slope of forgetting why you’re here. What you’re meant to do in your biz. The numbers YOU’RE meant to hit. The people YOU’RE meant to impact with your work.

The competition is crushing you.

Because you allowed it.

The next level, ninja thing, is to simply come back to YOUR performance. For real. I teach metrics for that. That’s why people join The Supreme Performance Academy.

To finds the tools and metrics to CRUSH their goals in every area of life.

Here’s to you High Achiever.


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