Are you a Driven solopreneur who has worked with business coaches and nothing seems to be able to help break you through to the next level, making 10-20K a month.

You feel like you’re doing mental gymnastics every day trying to figure out how to position or market your services better and have your person find you….and it STILL isn’t working?

Or you’ve hit all the numbers and goals, and are on your way to building your empire and the financial success you want…and yet you can’t feel it. The feeling of success and accomplishment seem elusive…

There’s a block, and it’s not your mindset.

You’ve done all of that work…you “know” all of the answers…but you’re not seeing or feeling the results entrepreneurship promised you.

The only thing left is…your Body + The Unconscious.

The body has all the answers.

You don’t need another pdf ebook or podcast to show you how to implement. You already know how to do it, but you don’t do it, or that you need to “learn more”. You don’t. You know it already. You just haven’t embodied that knowledge.

We know through science that the nervous system picks up 12 million stimuli per second, while the conscious mind can only process 40 bits!

Sometimes we’re trying so hard to mentally figure everything out because the money’s running out, or we know that we’ve hit a glass ceiling on our happiness and fulfillment…

The Answers, Breakthroughs and Cash are on the other side of diving into your body and embodying your knowledge.

Has your body been a vehicle for your mind for too long? And you’re ready to embody all the knowledge so it’s wisdom.

Knowing how to mine the knowledge it has, and break up any blocks to having it all is the KEY 🔑 …

I want to offer a 5 people a special Body Prescription session with me over Skype.

The sessions are $100. I never do this. And probably never will again.

We’ll access your body and what you’re needing to breakthrough to the next place you’re going, and get you on the path to it.

Let’s do this. Comment below or PM me.


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