What allows you to move past what Steven Pressfield calls “Resistance”?

What gets you up and ready to do your work out in the world? To help people?

Approval from Others?
Service to Others?
Getting Your Voice Heard?
Sharing what Seems Important?
Love for the subject?
Self Mastery?
To Help People?
Show People an Alternative Lifestyle?
The Process?

The most successful people love the process.

Warren Buffet has plenty of money. He loves finding companies that he wants to get behind.

Mark Cuban loves making deals.

Marathon runners don’t stop after they win their gold. They keep running, usually for the rest of their lives. Why? Because they love the process.

Whatever the motivation is. They love the process that gets them to that outcome.

That’s consistency.

Follow your motivation, then follow the process.

Not one or the other. Chances are you forgot at least one of them.

Love em’ both.


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