As entrepreneurs, we have so many things coming at us each day.

We have clients we love, and clients that we’d rather not pick up the phone for.

We can have relationship stresses, or feelings of depression and loneliness.

We can have anxiety about our clients paying, or where the next client is coming from.

Running/working out and meditation aren’t enough…

To reduce the anxiety. To stop the body aches. To get over the failures, and move forward FASTER.

We want to find clarity, courage, confidence and trust…

To do this, you need to begin a find your answers less outside of you and instead INSIDE OF YOUR BODY.

We know from neuroscience, that your subjective experience is a form of virtual reality created by the nervous system.

The neurons, and the quality of your experience are tightly connected.

In other words, your mental experience is a window into your neurobiology. And visa-versa.

If you want to change your anxiety, frustration, loneliness, breakdowns, you need to incorporate a neuroscience-based approach to integrating your mind WITH your body!

So they can work together, keep moving you forward.

As you change your underlying neurobiology, you change your experience.

As above, so below.

That’s where Body-Based Breakthrough comes in…

To find your inner knowing. The trust. The courage to move forward powerfully.

I’m doing more Body Prescription sessions. They’re only $100 right now.
I’m going to raise the price soon.

You know if you need this. Shoot me a PM.


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