If I slowed down.
I’d have to feel my loneliness.
I’d have to feel my boredom.
My discomfort of where I’m at in life.
I’d maybe be intimately close to someone. And they’d see me all the way. Because I’m not rushing past them. I’d see me all the way.

Would they like what they see? Would I like what I see?

Stripped down, without my awards and how I’m good at “x”, would you still find me valuable? attractive? funny?
Am I good enough without all the stuff?

But also: what if I was MORE potent at what I do?

And I was funnier, because I noticed the little things that are funny about life?

And I was smarter, because I noticed the important details but could also pull back to see perspective on the whole thing?

What if I felt more, sensed more, noticed and experienced more?

Would I be happier? I think so…

What if…I slowed down…


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