The Silver Bullet In 2019

Apes 🦍 can be seen constantly performing “experiments” on themselves and one another to better understand themselves and their environment. Curiosity.

We’ve always been fascinated in ourselves as a species…

Spending probably trillions every year to learn about ourselves. Astrology readings, psychology degrees, dozens of hot new personality quizzes

To learn about our unique quality…

So why do we care SO much?

And what’s caused the stark TREND more-so in the last 10-15 years then any other time in history?

🔑 Our LACK of boredom.

A lack of self-discovery.
A lack of reviewing and reflecting.
A lack of time.
A lack of mindfulness and embodiment.
An increase in the speed of life.

So inevitably we’re more drawn to disciplines that allow us to better understand ourselves, hoping to find the silver bullet of insight into who we are. We’re frustrated because this insight comes and goes rapidly, never feeling fully satisfied with the insight or solution.

We choose to ignore ourselves and our biology, until we EXPLODE with questions and frustrations about why we work the way we do, with our body aches or acid reflux.

…Rather than a consistent practice of self-discovery and discernment of what our time is consumed with.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m too busy for that….

And that’s exactly why you don’t have the understanding or relationship that you truly crave with yourself and others.

Because you’re afraid of slowing down enough to truly drink yourself in.

To experience yourself so deeply that it’s worth so much more than a 1000 psychology books or self-help courses.

To be immersed in YOU. To find TRUE Freedom. Beyond any language. Keeping it at a distance keeps you safe, from truly knowing YOU, and what you’re capable of.

This is something I’m constantly stretching the limits of in myself. Asking “How deep can my intimacy with every person go? What’s safe for them and for me?”

How can I experience more?

How good can I take it?

Just that question alone will get you started. Enjoy.


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