The Reason You’re Allergic to Action-Taking


I just finished giving another talk today to a small group of entrepreneurs at Union Co-Work in San Diego, and I realized something as I spoke to the group…

When we align to the highest and best inside of us, and take action from that place, we can’t “lose”.

Yes, it’s important to learn strategies to GET STARTED learning from others outside of ourselves, but in PHASE 2 we need to implement. And that is an INNER GAME.

Many of us struggle with an addiction to the highs of Phase 1 Ideation, without ever BUILDING the thing.

That’s something that has nothing to do with “strategy”, and everything to do with showing up CONSISTENTLY.

It’s not about discipline or grinding, but instead finding what works for YOU, and executing on that long enough to see results. (No matter how fast or slow)


Once you have the big idea, throw the rest of the ideas out of the window.

It’s time to find your blueprint, and execute with your blueprint in mind.

That’s what Replenish in December is for.

If you’ve had an “idea” for a long time, but can’t seem to get traction on the Execution part, we’re going to spend three days clarifying it down to it’s core, and building YOUR bulletproof day. With Specific Tools for YOU around Execution for your blueprint. How YOU are built to run your business.

Along with that, replenishing and restoring you back to “factory settings”. Basking in the good things you’ve created and curated this year, and making space for your BEST. YEAR. YET in 2020.

Shoot me a PM to claim one of the last 12 spots.


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