I’m in this for the long game. It may not be sexy, but it’s sustainable.

Many of us have this sense that we “just need to get to ______” and then we can create a sustainable business and life.

The truth is you have to flip that model.

Being a business owner is a habit. An addiction to moving something forward. A product, an idea, a service.

It’s also a practice. And many of us don’t treat it as such. We try to aim for success overnight, or do a race against the clock to get cash 💵 overnight through some large launch 🚀

In order to create the money, cars, etc, you need to create a sustainable business and life.

The universe seems to reward those who show up consistently. Look at your life, has going to the gym once a week and doing some extreme, explosive workout once a week, EVER given you better results than showing up calmly and consistently?

My personal trainer himself says “Consistency > Intensity.”

“I’d rather see you in here giving 70% five-six days/week Matthew, for shorter durations rather than 100% two times/week.”

It begins to create a groove with lower risk of injury, and less willpower to get there every day.

Here’s the big elephant 🐘 in the room: Why are you only showing up part time or too extremely for short bursts? Is there some hope that you may be able to sell your business to someone else quickly? Or maybe take some permanent vacation once you’ve made a certain amount? Or do you have one foot out the back door🚪?

If you’re serious about your contribution to humanity (it’s cool if you’re not), then please show up all of the way. We need you more than ever.

We need more inspired people helping to inspire more people to make a difference on this planet 🌍 that’s change. That’s moving the human race forward.

What are sneaky little ways you quit in your business? (Could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ways you quit)



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