I considered calling Aligned,

“Aligned – the complete guide to being a HUMAN entrepreneur”

Because that’s what we’re doing in this 5th round of Aligned.

We’re incorporating all the relationships in your life.

1. Relationship with Yourself.
2. Relationships with Others.
3. Relationship with Craft/Purpose.

🔑 How you hold ANY of these relationships is how you hold the others to some degree.

If you’re anxious and overwhelmed in any of these areas, it’s taking up bandwidth from the other areas so you move slower.

You have to take up extra mental/emotional resources to keep the other ones moving smoothly.

Aligned is called such, because we want to LINE UP all of them:



1. Questioning all of our agreements in our lives,

2. Assessing our boundaries

3. Learning to trust deeply in our bodies wisdom (aka Your Nervous System)

🔑: If you are only fueled by adrenaline and massive action every day, and not by the impact of consistently showing up to the work day in and day out, building YOUR PERFECT DAY as an entrepreneur, then you’re headed towards exhaustion and burn out.

If you’re just tired….I got you. This course has got you.

You have such a bright light to shine. And by you being tired or overwhelmed, we’re missing out. You’re missing out.

Aligned is here to help you have a much smoother go. To get more impact bang for your energetic buck.

To make a larger impact in your industry. It doesn’t matter what the industry.

You got this. Let’s keep moving forward.


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