One of my mentors Shannon Graham always used to say, “Be a Sniper, not a Machine Gun”.

If we want to help anyone we only have so much energy to offer at once.

When we just machine gun our stuff everywhere without a foundational strategy in place, we just try to hit whatever we possibly can, and add to all the noise on the internet.

The truth is, we need be super intentional and clear with our people we want to connect with and make meaningful connections, taking our time to let them unfold…

As we simplify our processes and declutter our lives, we create more SPACE. For connections in business AND in our lives.

To see the opportunities when they arise, and to not hesitate, but take Aligned action, when the moment presents itself. If we are too busy or overwhelmed, we miss those precious moments.

Humanity needs you to be ready for those moments.

Keep Moving Forward.


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