Pure Pride

That’s what’s on my face.

I just finished with my client for our VIP day.

“You need to package this with Amanda Ranae and fly all over the world 🌎 to do weekends with people.

You can call it ‘Quantum Accelerator’, because we got SOOO much done in our time together. How long have we been together? Like 15 hours? (4 hours)

We covered the need that we all have for people. And how scary that is to accept. We pulled in tools 🛠 to unwind long held beliefs around needing to be poor if she wanted to be spiritual.

We talked about building a business with soul. That was aligned to her unique qualities and sensitivity’s to energy, and the tools she’s been given to share them.

Words can not describe this BEAM of Joy and Pride.

I’m so proud you. You are a light being. Your words mean so much more than words. They are codes for creation, inspiration and power to be invoked in others. You are meant to create experiences. You have special gifts 🎁 that so deserve to be cherished, celebrated and gifted TO others, and BY others on this path. You are such a gift simply walking foot on this earth at this time. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼


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