I can “manifest” or set goals for things sure, but they may not come in exactly the timing that I want…

There’s a dynamic tension I want to hold of:

1. Believing fervently in my manifestations and goals, but

2. Back here on earth, I still have to enjoy the process and timing that everything is happening in.

The only way I can manage that is by managing my ENERGY. My Vitality. (This is Module 1 of Aligned)

To not get too low on my fuel, WHILE I’m waiting on/working toward my thing to come in. “My order to the universe” as Amanda calls it.

It’s coming and my job is to manage and master my energy in the meantime. To work towards it, but never push and force it, because that is the quickest way to squash that thing from coming in…

by not managing my energy I squish the fuel line that’s pulling that thing into existence.

Like pumping gas ⛽️ at the pump and cutting ⚔️ the hose.

Enter Aligned: 10 weeks to shift from Grind to Aligned

I created a 10 week program where I distilled down my best wisdom about creating a LIFE of entrepreneurship, not just a system to make money.

10 weeks to find YOUR Aligned life of Focus AND Fulfillment.

Here’s to you enjoying the dynamic tension of your goals and visions becoming your current circumstances. #aligned

Shoot me a DM if you’re ready to shift from Grind to Aligned.


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