Meditation 2.0 for the Driven Solopreneur

I was living other people’s values, swinging between burnt out and bored…unaware that my body was guiding me towards seeing and knowing more about ME.

The burnout was a compass back to me.
The boredom was a compass back to me.

Telling me I was going in the wrong direction.

It wasn’t until I started listening to what my body and my results were telling me that I started to find out what my soul was wanting me to know.

To bring the Unconscious to the consciousness. Using movement and the body to learn more about myself. To see what the body is telling me.

The symptoms in the body are telling me about my Unconscious.

So I created a technology…It’s an Excavation of the body. Mining for information. For greater understanding.

Calming down the nervous system to get to hear the little voice.

Mobilizing the joints and meridians to get the juices flowing.

To be clear, It’s not movement for the sake of movement or trying to stretch to my limits….

It’s about reviewing and integrating my experiences to find out what my shadows, or *the unknown parts of my consciousness* are telling me.

I find our daily habits and our dreams an interesting thing as well, because they tell us what we value.

Meditation 2.0 = Creative Warrior Movement

Taking us deeper…So we can truly impact the world, without all of the pain.

But instead with Clarity, Creativity, and Power

Here’s to you Creative Warrior,


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