Key to Mastering your Technology Addiction

Sometimes I have a very bleak outlook on the Tech industry.

Like it’s trying to steal all of my information and has maligned ideas of what to do with it.

But there truth is,

I’m afraid of being manipulated.

I’m afraid of being controlled.

Of feeling “behind” with the latest tech.

Of feeling like I can’t keep up with the speed of the changes…


But the good news is, I don’t have to.

🔑 I can go at my speed. with exactly the tools that I know how to use. And continue to learn more at my pace.

I call this organic maturity vs. forced maturity.

But as online entrepreneurs, we MUST also become master marketers. In order to sell and promote our services.

We can tend to get really stuck in the “system” we currently have and lose sight of the larger picture as entrepreneurs, which is this.

We’re moving forward with tech.

The more we fight against it, the more ugly it’s gonna get for us.

Do have concerns?


It feels like we potentially lose out on some of the very things that make us human.

Tech can simulate enough of our human qualities, Connection, Satisfaction of accomplishing something meaningful, etc so we can avoid being human for longer.


We need to take personal responsibility with our tech habits. To grow with tech. At our speed. It’s Less about the Tech industry, but more About how I AM PERSONALLY interacting and holding my boundaries with Tech at times.

It’s our job as entrepreneurs to find better ways to bring the two worlds together.

To not throw Tech out. But also not to just take what we’re given and assume it’s all good, all the time.

It really is like the “Drink Responsibly” beer commercials.

As we evolve, our tech habits and need to evolve with it.

Not Forced maturity. But Organic maturity.

To grow and evolve our personal responsibility to be human. AND to connect globally with others.

It shouldn’t REPLACE true human connection, but perhaps tech can open the door 🚪 for greater human interaction…

What are your thoughts?


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