I’m Trying to Hold It All Up

…hoping it doesn’t all CRASH in on me.

If I feel like I’m trying to hold something up in my life, and it’s requiring lots of EFFORT and pushing to hold up, then if I’m really honest:

Is it mine?

Is it mine to hold up still?

Holding up a dam ready to burst forth, towards someone else. The correct person.

And in doing that, I’m also blocking the opening for others who are ready to burst forward into MY pool 🏊🏼‍♀️.

It all starts with me trusting the predetermined path laid out before me.

That I will lose what isn’t mine in the first place.

That I will gain what’s mine to have.


If you’re feeling anxious 😟, depressed 😢 or lonely as an entrepreneur, I have an announcement in a couple weeks that I’ve been working on for TWO YEARS. It’s gonna change everything.

If you wanna sneak peak, shoot me a DM. I wanna ask some questions and answer some of yours. 👑


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