I’ve been waking up since France at around 3am, my body telling me it’s ready to get up.

And my brain also shifts into immediate GO MODE.

And doesn’t stop until I accomplish a task.

I spin with anxiety…until I stop it… with action.

We tend to try to THINKING our way out of anxiety. But it literally NEVER works.

Anxiety feeds on more thinking.

Albert Einstein said, “You can not solve a problem from the level of consciousness when which it was created.”

Anxiety comes from inaction and thinking…essentially when we aren’t moving forward…so our brain hops into scarcity of the future…

If you’ve been swirling, you’ve gotten caught too far into the future.

Creative Warrior Key 🔑: GET OUT OF YOUR MIND. Get into movement, and ask your BodyMind, What’s the next step?

What do I need to do today that will give me momentum into tomorrow?

That’s all our ego is looking for, is the momentum to bust us out of our inertia and into a new direction. That’s all you need to begin again.

You’re ready to begin again. Let’s go.


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