I’m Sick of Being Tired

I’m addicted. We all are. To how it is.

My client “Sarah” is addicted to crashing on the couch at the end of a long day.

She “wants” tons of energy. Invincible energy 💫 But she works till there’s nothing in the tank.

…Knowing that when she sleeps at night it will renew for the morning.

But she wants on-going energy throughout the day….

When we aren’t getting what we want, it’s because we are unconsciously ADDICTED to getting the results that we HAVE.

We’re used to working 8 hours and crashing in front of the couch. Many of us saw mom and/or dad and THEIR parents do it.

It seems like proven system.
1. Work your butt off all day.
2. crash.
3. do it all again tomorrow.

We have NEVER learned to prioritize our energy management throughout the day.

We’ve instead prioritized gritting our teeth and “getting through it”

What our primal, unconscious mind doesn’t see, is the long-term effects on our health, wealth, and relationships.

We are pushing away the energy levels we say/think that we “want”, because we are used to the energy we have.

🔑 Admit to yourself that you are addicted to the current results you are getting. The crash.

You’re unconsciously putting yourself in situations that create more of the same old, same old.

In order to have different results, you gotta do and say, and immerse yourself different things.

What kind of energy are you committed to having? And what are you gonna do and say differently to get those results?

What does it cost me to have those crashes of energy, rather than short burst of down time and getting back in the game faster?

If you’re making decent money, but are DONE being tired 😓 shoot me a PM. I have a gift for you to get out of the tired.


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