In the flesh.

“Things are going to be more in the flesh for you this year. That’s what they keep telling me” she said.

A few weeks back, My friend Emily Aubé was giving me a forecast reading of my year ahead.

“They’re saying your PRESENCE is what’s needed this year.”

My response: “WHAT?!!! But it’s so easy for me to just work from my minimalist office, calling clients and connecting with people on Facebook LIVE!!

Not FAIR!”

I like to have my routines. I love consistency.

But here’s the real truth:

I’m magical 💫 in person.

Being in my atmosphere seems to turn on another gear in others.

I don’t say that to brag, but more to say it’s in the transmission of me hanging out with you that you’ll gain way more than in strictly the information I share online.

And I’ve been really scared of that.

Of the intimacy.

To be close to you, feel your breath, see your eyes, up close, and give you exactly the words, touch or posture that you need.

I call it Body-Based Breakthrough.

I do it for groups of 4-100, and 1-on-1.

It’s a process I’ve been honing for 8 years.

It includes neuroscience, simple movements, breath, and journaling.

I’m realizing this is meant to be shared, not just with my clients and not just online, but but masses of people…in person.

I’ve seen stadiums 🏟 of us: moving and breathing and thousands of breakthroughs and insights dropping down from the heavens upon us. i.e. magic. 💫

I’ve been scared. But it’s not about me. It’s about you. And your audience. And your people.

With YOU (and Amanda and Sophie) as my witness, this is yours to have this year, and for the next decades. I will stop at nothing until the whole Entrepreneur community has this wisdom gifted to me by God.

I’m stepping in and stepping up.

To you, desiring to be the Integrated Entrepreneur: Who wants to maintain your health, WHILE growing your wealth, (and helping tons of humans),

This medicine is here for you. Please come take it. It will change the way you do everything. Relationships to your Body, Your SELF, your loved ones, and finally your craft. Your vision for the world.

If you know (or are) an event planner, who hires or coordinates logistics, shoot me a DM. I’ll gift you a session.

People need this medicine.

It’s coming out this year baby.

Tagging a quarter of my favorite humans who have really inspired this vision in the last couple of months.


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