No I’m not stopping being an entrepreneur and helping to create impeccable results for my clients.

What I am quitting, is the hustle. The grind. The scarcity. The “someone has my money, and I need to go get it” mentality.

I’m quitting the sleepless nights feeling like I’m not enough, and that my work isn’t helping enough people.

Because that frequency doesn’t actually help anyone.

I’ve been quiet for awhile, not here on FB, but in my relationships….

Reflecting, going inward, listening to God, listening to me, and my speed and what is actually worthwhile…..


I’m don’t teach people how to make more money explicitly anymore. Money’s cool.

But I’m in this for so much more.

YOU’RE in this for so much more.

You want to play more.

You want to feel something.

You want deep sleep, and vacations to Maui, and Disney.

You want road trips laughing and singing all the way.

You want to feel your partner look you in the eyes and really SEE you.

I’m creating even more stillness. More quiet.

For me, so I can REALLY help create it, for YOU.

Our energy is determined by our relationship to time…

So I’m creating more time.

My clients and I are done  pretending that We’re a slave to time.

We can create it. With pure intention and heart-felt focus.

We’re done transactionally working hard so we can “earn” free time.

We’re in charge of time. Not the other way around. We decide where our time and energy lies.

Our work is meant to be Quality.

If it’s not, I have no interest in it.

If you’re pumping out quantity, you’re tired, bored and burnt out.

Thank you for your time entrepreneurial rat race. You’ve been a companion on the journey for long enough, and I release you.


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