“Why can’t I access it?

A surplus of money, clients, stages, relationships, opportunities, etc.

It’s NOT for lack of trying.

I’ve read every book 📚 I can think of and attended tons of events + seminars.

The harder I PUSH the more tired I get, and the weaker my results seem to be.

There’s gotta be another way, but I feel stuck in the hamster wheel of emotions I’ve created for a business.”

…said one of my new Grind to Aligned Clients…

“If I just work longer or push HARDER with a different funnel or marketing tool, then things will turn around.”

But the issue is not their last ditch marketing efforts. It’s at the core of things.

It’s built on a house of cards. Anxious cards. Fearful cards. Lacking intimacy cards.

It’s their personal performance that’s holding them back from it all.

YOU are meant to run 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃 from thing to thing with so much confidence, energy and enthusiasm for your work.
Chances are, if you’re not experiencing that at least 95% of the time, it’s because you fell out of alignment at some point.
Please, stop the marketing band-aids.

This needs stitches. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s actually is going to help you keep and love this work for the rest of your life.

Next week, I’m going to open my schedule for 5 people to take a Complimentary Grind to Aligned Roadmap Assessment.
No pitch. Just your results. (It’s gonna help me with a program I’m creating)

Do me AND you a favor and Shoot me a DM if you want a spot!


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