Burn out says a lot about someone.

I got burnt out in my early 20’s, working well over 60 hours a week. Even when I wasn’t at my tech job, I was emailing with clients and trying to do Lyft driving and running a coaching business “full time” as well.

My body gave up.

And that’s what’s sad.

Not that my body gave up, and needed to heal…

But that I didn’t even NOTICE until I literally couldn’t get up from bed one morning.

I kept trying to stand up and couldn’t.

That’s my story. There’s a whole lot more, but what was hard was that I didn’t have ANY IDEA the damage I was doing every day with the adderall and other brain stimulants I was taking. My liver and other organs were dwindling in their reserves.

That’s why I work with those who are burnt out.

Because most of us never see it coming.

I don’t know if we’re too thick. Or if the depression clouds our thinking…or if being recluse stops us from feeling…or the porn or food addictions I used to numb and forget about the pain and anger I had for myself and the rut I was in.

It didn’t feel like there was a way out…

I wasn’t until I started to slow down mentally for my body to catch up, that things started to change…

We need our heads, our nervous systems AND our actions to line up for true purpose, power and happiness to come into view.

I did it and so can you…I’m thinking of sharing more of my story in a FB LIVE…would that be helpful?


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