I Am Too Slow

“You’re so slow! GO FASTER…” A friend shouted at me (my own internal dialogue much of my life), as I fumbled putting my bag 💼 on the check-in weigher at the airport…A line of time pressured people stared at me, with eyes 👀 saying “MOVE!”

This story has played out like this so many times in my life…except with one ☝🏼 difference.

I didn’t do it myself this time.

Slow and Fast are both perspectives and judgements. Not truths.

They are based on the people outside of you or past circumstances…outside of you.

The truth is: There is nothing wrong with slow OR fast.

It’s just your PACE.

The GRIND to —> ALIGNED ™ principle that I teach in the Supreme Performance Academy is to notice the difference between you and others, and not to judge it.

But rather to embrace that you have the proper speed for YOU. The second that you get out of that, you are moving towards burnout. (I’ve actually seen people burnout from going too slow)…

Either way, you’re destined for a speed, so when you move away from that, you are not growing, you’re dying. We can speed up OTHER factors, but not your internal speed. That’s set. We call it forced maturity vs. organic maturity.

When you push, you lose.

When you keep moving forward consistently (at your pace), you win.

If you’re done moving at everyone else’s pace and can feel the glass ceiling in your business, I have one ☝🏼 spot left in my The Grind to Aligned ™ Mentorship.

A 6 month journey to completely revamp your lifestyle and relationships to fit YOU.

6 months: To Increase your Sales, Deepen your Relationships, ending with a VIP weekend of you and I ACTUALLY taking calls…laying on the beach 🏖 …if you’re into that kinda thing…

You know if this last spot is for you. Shoot me a DM, because it’s probably gonna go this week.


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