I feel heavy right now. It’s my grandfathers funeral today. We’re going to honor him and the legacy he left behind. 7 daughters, 13 grandchildren and a whole lot of laughter.

I can’t seem to shake this heaviness. Somedays it seems that greatest thing you can do, is to honor and acknowledge the feelings and legacy someone left.

Heaviness lets us have something to compare the rest of life to. And as we experience all it, it allows the lightness to float back up to the top of our experience.

I know it’s good to not stick in emotions for too long, mentally running through them.

But sometimes, transcending these human emotions seems like missing out on the things that make up life.

It’s a series of experiences and it seems like the best thing I can do today is just feel this one.

Thank you for all the love, support and condolences the last couple of days. Our family is really coming together to remember all the light he brought into this world 🌎.

Love you Grandpa. May you rest easy on this day, knowing you family is taken care of. Healthy, and supported. You can rest now.


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