I’ve always looked for ways to help free up my time, and optimize my brain power, thinking I was stupid. Too disorganized, messy, or irresponsible.

It wasn’t until I found Body-Based Breakthrough and my Aligned Entrepreneur Method that I found out there was this vast expanse of knowledge inside of me that I was wasting.

That was so hyper intelligent. That flowed, and felt good and was never wrong.

That had certainty, and even felt spiritual in a way. A kind of high performance, that, instead of being over-stimulated, considered my biology, asking

“What if I was quiet, calm and tuned in?”

High performance culture is about being LARGER than ourselves.

Our entrepreneur-culture has this itch, this “need”, to create “world changing things”, rather than INHABIT ourselves first, and really enjoy the value of that.

That I am valuable. Just me.

That what I offer as a human is enough (not as a work-making machine), and sometimes creating something “larger than myself” starts as an INSIDE Job.

Slow down.

Stop “serving others”.

Get to know your most Aligned self first.

Your wasting all your precious gifts. Your hurting the world by not starting with figuring yourself out. Find out how valuable you truly are. You. Not how you quickly can think and solve a problem.


If that small voice in the back of your head wants reassurance that you are valuable outside of simply the work that you create, or you’re curious how I can help with this, send me a PM, and I’ll shoot you an audio message just to remind you how valuable you are. Just you.

Borrow some of my belief in you while we’re building yours.

PM me. Aligned begins July 22nd! Spots are filling up for this round. If it’s resonating send me a PM.


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