Many of us feel like it’s gotta be hard to be worth something.

“I’ve gotta do it on my own, and receiving support isn’t possible because no one gets me, or is as good at it as me,”

We feel like no one gets us. We’re controlling. Because our work is our baby, we don’t let anyone touch it.

We don’t have grace for others mistakes, because we don’t have grace for ourselves.

It leaves us separate and struggling.

We never have community or connection.

Which is what we’re deeply craving.

In order to have more energy and space to create more epic shit, we need to experience receiving community. And connection with others…and ourselves.

You were told it had to be hard. And you saw it had to be hard…so that’s what you created.


Come home.

Smooth it out in all directions.

Same speed and velocity in all directions.

Receiving support, WHILE making a HUGE impact on humanity.

Your service has to be proportionate to the support you’re receiving,

or you’re breaking down.

Let’s tip the scales again. So you CAN contribute more. And do epic shit.

Quit burning out you silly goose.

Now’s your time to scale your support to the level to which you wanna serve humanity.

And we have…Lift Off!


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