Body Based Breakthrough

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Body Based Breakthrough is a rebellious act in a world of computer consciousness. In order to be the exception, to be exceptional, we must take deliberate rest. it won’t be a gift you have to take it.

Even in the Victorian era people embraced the challenge of matching the productivity of machines and telegraph networks and tried to work faster, for longer hours. They were the rule.

It turns out for those of us that wish to be sane, balanced, and peaceful, throughout history we see consistent patterns in some of the most ambitious and creative minds in history.

We now know through research that deliberate rest strengthens the brain, enhances learning, enables inspiration and makes innovation sustainable. There’s an intimate connection between work and rest.

in order to be exceptional in a world that is slowly turning into a 24/7 technology connected world, we must become self-aware of our patterns. We must not be lazy, and succumb to the grips of what appears to be “normal“ in today’s modern living.

We must instead turn inward, and find what is appropriate for us, rather than the latest Hack or cookie-cutter approach that worked for Elon musk and his specific set of circumstances. Your circumstances are specific and unique to you.

When you most naturally wake up in the morning, when you are best to eat breakfast (or maybe you skip breakfast entirely). When you have your afternoon dip hits, when you should exercise, And when you get that second wind, or maybe instead socialize with friends. And lastly when you go to sleep at night. Do you have ritual. Do you have consistency, or do you prefer variety.

Noticing the results you are getting based on your unique blueprint for creativity, Work, and play or deliberate rest.

I could tell you to do my exact schedule, but it would do more harm than good, how’s your daily habits and schedules are so sacred and unique to you. I know for me, movement is vital in my ability to process information, so I focus heavily on movement-based activities. But many other people will recommend sitting still, or standing on their heads, or meditating for four hours to come to complete stillness before doing anything. The point here is that you must determine based on your biology, what is best for you not on the latest hack you read about in a book, Or from Tim Ferriss’s blog.

The quickest, down and dirty, tried and true way to find out your rhythms, is to cut back on variables that take you further away from your natural biological rhythms.

Take a little less caffeine today, spend a little less time on social media, and drink plenty of water, get plenty of movement, and whine down before falling asleep tonight.

If you are unable to do any of these things, think back to periods when you did do that.

What were your tendencies, and preferences?

That is a clear indicator of a more aligned and regulated life. Many of us have fallen so far away from our natural tendencies and preferences.

For some, it’s hard to even recall a time when we weren’t tired, or overwhelmed with busyness.

I promise you it has nothing to do with age, but rather deliberate-ness of intention and activity.

Many of us hear that coffee is a good warm drink, and is tasty, and meeting at a cafe is a good way to socialize, and I felt tired one day, so it seems like a good thing to try. The same thing can be said about accidentally forming habits around alcohol. Or not exercising, or spending too much time on social media.

Our brain and nervous system tend towards comfort and ease. Marketers spend all of their waking hours, and dollars trying to create products and experiences that are easy to use and addictive.

We must instead resist the urge towards acute ease, and instead focus on what creates chronic pleasure for us.

Let me say it again. We need rebels. those who aren’t afraid to stand up for their health, their habits, their happiness. (and deliberate rest).

Another puzzling fact researchers are finding is that physical activity is more restful than we expect, and mental rest is more active than we realize.

Hypnagogic state


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