My client Vaughn has tons of needs…or did have tons of unmet needs in his hometown of Chicago before we started working together.

His potential clients could feel the desperation, and endless list of needs.

Now, he’s the guy who magnetizes everyone to HIM.

In fact, he teaches other men how to attract incredible partners because of this skill he’s honed…and he’s signing clients left and right now because he doesn’t need anything, from anyone in the room.

We’re taking care of his needs on calls, and in his morning practices and frankly EVERY WHERE EXCEPT that “room” where men walk up to him asking who he is and how they can pay him. No joke.

His last 2 clients started grabbing for their wallets him before he even told them a price.

He’s present. He’s aligned.

“Be the person in the room with the least needs” is a phrase lots of people use, but it’s not about NOT having needs,

but rather to TAKE CARE of them before you ever step foot into the room with folks you may be supporting!

When you’re #aligned, you don’t need anything from anyone. You’re not missing anything, so you can show up fully available to serve.

Enter Aligned: 10 weeks to shift from Grind to Aligned

I created a 10 week program where I distilled down my best wisdom about creating a LIFE of entrepreneurship, not just a system to make money.

10 weeks to find YOUR Aligned life of Focus AND Fulfillment.

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