If you let it be.

How often do you punish your body, pushing it beyond it’s capacity?

The Body is meant to be your Best Friend.

It stands by your side through it all. The Ups and Downs of everything that you encounter. It’s not going anywhere.

We’ve learned from enough experts about the body-mind connection, but it goes so much deeper.

You have a dynamic RELATIONSHIP with your body that is always shifting and evolving as you move through your life.

I want you to stop for a moment and ask yourself…

“How often do I listen to my body, and take in what it’s telling me?

When it keeps saying ‘No’, and I fight it, and “push” through it, to get an intended outcome.

In that moment, we are slowly hurting the relationship. We are choosing our thinking mind, the Ego, and it’s perceived needs, over our more primal drives, desires and urges.

So many of us fight our primal nature, but really what leads to more joy, pleasure, productivity and fulfillment?

Consider, would you body want to date you?

Your body is meant to be your best friend or lover, whom you invite to speak up, and ask questions of, with genuine curiosity and desire for deeper connection.

As the dopamine hits rack up with all the dings on your social media, the intimacy with your friend, the body, gets more and more surface level…You become engrossed in your screen life, only doing the essentials: eat, sleep, poop, just as you might say Happy Birthday or send an obligatory text on their anniversary to an old friend from college….That’s not friendship. That’s not a relationship.

That’s mailing it in. Eventually you stop communicating all together, after you ghosted it for the 1 millionth time.

Which is why I’m doing: The Grind to Aligned ™ Mentorship.

A 6 month journey to completely revamp your lifestyle and relationships to fit YOU.

Your blueprint and design. There will be no cookie cutter formula.

Just you and me.

6 months: To Increase your Sales, Deepen your Relationships, ending with a VIP weekend of you and I ACTUALLY taking calls…laying on the beach 🏖 …if you’re into that kinda thing…

We’ll uncover how YOU best do:
-Sales and Marketing
-Incredible Relationships!
-Bulletproof Systems and Automation with clients screaming from the rooftops about how awesome your work is.
-Laser Focus.
-Actually hobbies. (Remember those things before phones?)
-Simplicity and True Freedom.

I only have 2 spots left for the year. I haven’t released spots publicly in a long time, and don’t know when I will again, so this is your chance to get on this.

Shoot me a DM if you’ve been watching from the sidelines and are ready to have it all.


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