That’s what keeps us stuck. This cultural narrative.

“You’re behind.”

“You need to catch up.”

“Oh, you’re not making 7 figures yet?”

Many of us are taught to force our maturity. To “grind” and “hustle” to get somewhere quick. We get swept up in making a million right NOW.

Which is cool 😎, but if we get out ahead of our organic growing and maturity, we get into FORCED maturity.

We begin to leave positive reinforcement, or Flow States of “This is challenging, but also FUN”

…and go into into negative reinforcement. “This sucks, but I just have to get through it to a hopefully brighter future.”

The problem with negative reinforcement is our nervous system gets STUCK in this pattern…usually well after we get to the goal. We get stuck in this pattern of “its gotta suck”…anxiety, bad relationships, bad digestion, bad sleep, weight gain, burn out all follow.

Rather than keeping it fun, aligned and organic in its growth…

We feel imposter syndrome. We chase cycles of burnout and manic action. It’s a life of putting out forest fires 🔥 instead of one of continuous growth and joy.

What if instead the path of ease and simplicity is the path of growth?

Simple, easeful, wholeness, nonaddictive goodness. The experience of that is key to momentum, to continual growth.

Because then we get to continue feeling the pleasure of challenges and moving forward through them with ease. AKA growth and success.

Here’s to your Aligned growth as an entrepreneur.

Aligned: 👑 10 weeks to Shift from “Grind” to Aligned begins July 22nd. 💫

If you’re interested in chatting about it, shoot me a PM.


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