Superhero High Performance is DEAD

“Tom” just had to cancel an existing appointment with someone who was going to interview him tomorrow morning at 9am.

He was sure he was out of integrity.

He had to “break” an agreement.

What I shared with him, there are 3 things we can do with agreements we make with others and ourselves.


1. Keep the agreement
2. Break the agreement
3. Renegotiate the agreement

We keep them aligned by doing 1 or 3.

Most of us don’t realize #3 is an option.

We can renegotiate them. Consensually agreeing to a NEW agreement. To freshen up the old one. We’re not letting anyone down as long as we’re both honest about our needs.

We realized he could make every appointment that he had this week because he is getting run down and realizing in order to give his best for everything in his life he needs to prioritize making his interactions QUALITY, by taking care of himself with his morning practices.

He couldn’t be everything to everyone.

He said, “I feel guilty”

I said, that’s not guilt. That’s acceptance. Of your humanity. That you’ve been trying to do it all, and seeing that you can’t have a call every hour, because you’re actually doing you and the a disservice by not being your best.

You’re actually IN-body-ing abundance.

That there is more than enough time, money and energy…even if it takes a little while.

His pace is the appropriate pace. And they can step into HIS world if they wanna play.

That’s Abundance.

He’s accepting his human-ness, so he can prioritize his energy to give to himself and others.

So proud of you “Tom”

If this resonates shoot me a PM. I’ve decided I wanna let 2 more people into my Grind to Aligned Mentorship.

Let’s do this 👑


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