My Work Is Birthed From Pain

Here is Amanda and I about to walk on stage for the first time in over two years…

We just made a huge shift in the way we work and the way we love. It’s changed the trajectory of how we do our work together and separately with our clients…and we gave our best keynote ever…

And I realized something about giving that talk and what was different about past talks…

If your business has been built from Pain, you’re missing out.

If it hasn’t evolved from the Pain then there’s a glass ceiling on what you can experience and the clients you’ll be attracting.

When your work is birthed from Pain you’re likely to attract people in pain.

When your work is birthed from joy, people in-joy come in looking for exactly the medicine that you provide.

There’s no need to wade through your pain to figure out if they need what you have.

They can tell what your services provide because you a demonstration. A transmission of the results they can expect.

So if you want to shift something in your business today, don’t have it be your marketing.

Have it be yourself.

The right ones will find you. I promise.

I consistently have a full client roster, and I don’t have to spend any money on ads to do it.

People can feel that I embody my work, and am still working on deepening it everyday….

So when I’m quiet and listen, they show up.

To be nurtured, supported and shown a sustainable path to growth and embodiment as an entrepreneur.

Here’s to you the Embodied Entrepreneur.



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